About Marianna

Authentically Dutch. Exceptional Floral Design.

Marianna immigrated to the US at age six, and she spent her summers in the Netherlands surrounded by flowers.

Born in Holland, Marianna immigrated to Kansas at age six.

Her father was a professor, and her mother was a loving homemaker and floral designer.

 “I created this business to honor my mother’s love of flowers. I keep her spirit alive by sharing the Dutch tradition of everyday house flowers.”

Marianna spent her summers in the Netherlands surrounded by flowers. With her Omi, grandmother, Marianna would collect roses to create at-home rose water. She would spend hours picking up the coveted “kastanje” from the huge chestnut tree in her grandmother’s yard. Marianna’s Groetmoeder (paternal grandmother) would send her into the garden, gathering sweet pea and roses to place in a vase for the dinner table.

At home, Marianna grew up with pieces of nature overflowing into the house. Dutch culture was prevalent at home, speaking Dutch and learning to respect and appreciate botanicals. Encouraged by her mother, Marianna would find an interesting shaped leaf or piece of colored bark to display in her house. Her mother taught her to appreciate the hidden beauty of nature. And, of course, there were flowers. There were always flowers. Beautiful, fresh-cut flowers filled Marianna’s childhood home.

Designing floral arrangements for friends and neighbors gave Marianna’s mother such joy. Marianna continued in her mother’s creative and loving footsteps, raising her children and becoming a floral designer. She collaborated with a high-end boutique florist based in Kansas City for over a decade. There, she created incredible custom arrangements for weddings, special events, and everyday celebrations.

Marianna’s love of flowers spills over into everything she does, with bunches and bouquets throughout her home and creating one-of-a-kind floral arrangements for friends and family. After losing her mom suddenly, Marianna aspired to honor her mother’s memory through their shared love of flowers. Launched in 2021, Dutch Touch Flowers captures the peaceful feeling of fresh, authentic everyday house flowers central to Marianna’s upbringing.