Dutch House Flowers

Authentic, approachable flowers for everyday.

In Holland, you’ll see a flower stand on every corner and fresh flowers in every home.

In the US, flowers signal an occasion. A birthday, an anniversary, a mourning family, even an apology. But in Dutch culture, flowers are a rich part of everyday life. Marianna created Dutch Touch Flowers to bring this extraordinary part of Dutch culture to American homes. 

In Holland, you’ll see a flower stand at every corner and fresh flowers in every home. The expectation is you meet every invitation to someone’s house with a “bosje bloemen,” or bouquet. 

The Netherlands is the land of flowers. Every day, 20 million flowers from all over the world are traded at The Aalsmeer Flower Auction, the largest flower auction in the world. The Netherlands grows 1.7 billion cut flowers each year as the most prominent international producer and exporter of flowers. 

Growing up Dutch in the US and visiting the Netherlands in the summer, Marianna believed that flowers go well beyond a special occasion. She followed in her mother’s footsteps as a floral designer and always has fresh flowers at home. Her garden spills inside with single-stem flowers in vases, sprays of fresh blooms, and hits of nature on every surface.

“I was inspired to create Dutch Touch Flowers to share my philosophy of everyday House Flowers and bring joy into homes.”

What makes Dutch House Flowers unique? It’s the peaceful feeling they provide. It’s the loose, modern arrangement of flowers that puts you at ease. It’s the fresh, fragrant smell of flowers when you walk into the kitchen. It’s the smile you can’t escape when you see them on a table. House flowers are the everyday flowers for you to enjoy.