Dutch Touch Flowers


Find answers to frequently asked questions.

What makes House Flowers different than other arrangements? 

House Flowers are a Dutch tradition. Learn more about what makes House Flowers different from others.

How do I pause or stop my subscription?

 You can pause or stop your subscription at any time by getting in touch with Marianna.

Can I order flowers for a special occasion? 

Absolutely! Visit the special orders page for more details.

Is there a minimum special order cost?

The minimum order for delivery is $75.00 plus a delivery fee based on your zip code. You are welcome to request a lesser-priced arrangement for pick-up only. 

How long do vase flowers last?

Fresh cut flowers last seven-ten days when cared for properly. Every flower has a slightly different lifespan. Whenever possible, we choose long-lasting flower varieties in subscription arrangements so you can enjoy them for a week or more.

How do I take care of my flowers?

Flowers love water! Water daily to keep flowers fresh & happy. We can’t overstate the importance of fresh water. If possible, other ways to extend the life of your flowers are to change the water completely every three days, recut the stems, and remove any dying flowers.

Where do you source your flowers? 

The majority of the flowers arrive from the Dutch flower auction in Aalsmeer. It’s the worlds’ largest flower auction, and the choices are endless. I mix Dutch flowers with locally sourced stems. 

What inspires Marianna’s designs? 

My designs start with flower types that are in season and readily available. I like to incorporate some locally grown materials to add an organic feel to the arrangement.

May I make special requests for subscription flowers?

Yes, you can with advanced notice. If you would like a specific color palette, prefer a shorter or taller arrangement, or have another request, please reach out to Marianna.